Morgania was created by Morgan Widmer out of her distaste for how the production of what we wear is so wasteful and mistreats humans- mixed with her love of fantasy and clothes that let you escape into one. Morgan has had a lifelong knack for coming up with ways to create things out of limited and unusual mixes of materials...for example, like when you haven't gone grocery shopping in weeks and have a few crumbs of random foods sitting around your house, Morgan loves the challenge of using the scraps to make something magnificent that you never thought those loose ends could have turned into. Luckily, this knack makes a unique opportunity to help solve the
fashion industry's waste problem.

This is accomplished through using deadstock, which is fabric that would otherwise be thrown in landfills. Morgania sources these materials mainly from FabScrap and from other various fabric suppliers who are lovely enough to save these leftovers from turning to waste. Additionally, Morgania implements resourcefulness within our own leftovers for example, when a pattern for a top is cut out from fabric, instead of throwing what's left of that piece of fabric away, we save all of that and find ways to use it to make more items like bags and hats- always pushing to move closer and closer to zero waste. This all makes Morgania pieces unique one-offs as we use what fabric we have when we have it, so there likely won't be another just like the one before. Behind the brand tag on each piece, you can find a number that tells you what # Morgania piece you have similar to how artists number their prints.

Morgania is a place one may come and let their imagination roam. The curated yet vivid color palette, the frequent inspiration from childlike items, the unexpected details, the exaggerated shapes, the luscious textures- contrasted by a pervading sense of scrappiness- all come together into a perfect miscellany that is Morgania.