Collaboration Makes Magic

I (Morgan Widmer, designer for and creator of Morgania) had a dream of a photoshoot that pulled together everything the “Dessert Before Dinner” collection was about in my head the whole time I was designing it. I’m no photographer so I needed some help. I’d seen some of Maxwell Shaver’s work on his Instagram and was entranced by the way he captures moods and the parts of life that have no words to describe them but that you totally get immediately when you see them…so I reached out and we started having meetings a few months before the photoshoot date to discuss ideas for sets, props, models, etc. We brought in some more insanely creative minds from people we each knew of for more ideas, and the only way I know how to describe it is that magic happened, and the results of the photoshoot were so much dreamier than even my dreams. I learned how incredible collaboration is; this photoshoot was one the most amazing experiences I’ve had so far in life. I shared this creation that I had been pouring my heart and soul into for months with people who deeply appreciated it and totally were able to see my vision, and they shared their thoughts, ideas, and talents to create something even better. I asked some of the people who were part of the photoshoot to write a blurb about what the experience was like for them, their thoughts on sustainable fashion, on Morgania in general, etc. and here’s what they said:

Max- photographer (Instagram- @mahweyll)
“As a photographer, you get excited when people come to you with fully thought out ideas. You get even more excited when those ideas are creative, outlandish and aren’t something that you’ve done before. Morgania was an embodiment of all of those things. I can’t remember a time where I’ve had more fun doing a photoshoot. I couldn’t wait to edit the photos and stayed up all night just getting a start on them. What Morgania stands for also contributed to the pride I felt being a part of the project. Sustainability and fashion don’t have to be mutually exclusive, and Morgania does an outstanding job creating fashion forward pieces from scraps. I am excited to see where Morgania goes moving forward, and if that was just the start, then Morgania will be making some massive waves soon.”

Nate- assistant photographer (Instagram- @esthersyute)
“Morgania: A Brand for the Future. I had the privilege of assisting on the shoot for the product reveal for Morgania and quite honestly I couldn’t be more thankful for the brand, the people involved and the opportunity. I went into this thinking it would just be another opportunity to learn from the lead photographer but I walked away with more than just experience. The most important thing I learned while on set is how innovative this brand is, which in turn has reshaped my view of fashion going forward. We, as a society, have done quite a terrible job reducing our waste and recycling effectively, but Morgania tackles that head on with ideas about sustainability and its applications to fashion. I was very surprised to learn from Morgan about the process of creating these pieces and most importantly how she was dyeing some of these fabrics. That is recycling in the most basic and real form one can get to. After Morgan described in detail how this is all done, the entire group (models, set designer and photographers) got into a conversation about thrifting and actively dismissing fast fashion which definitely pushed me to purchase more from local thrift shops. Since that conversation, I have not purchased anything new (clothing wise) and only focused on building a wardrobe with sustainability in mind. Working with Morgania was a true privilege; I got to shoot with my vision with little to no intrusion but rather lots of collaboration. Ideas were bounced around and all the photographs I walked away with
were truly the children of a beautiful marriage of model input as well as constant and consistent conversation from other individuals on set.

Not only is this a brand for the future, it’s a brand that will lead us to tackle some of the world’s biggest issues; waste. It is also a brand that doesn’t sacrifice style for sustainability; the products all employ a beautiful balance of these 2. I am looking forward to seeing more of Morgania, getting some pieces for myself and hopefully shooting for the brand again.”

Mary- set design (Instagram- @marymcfarland)
“I really believe it’s more important than ever to advocate for sustainable fashion, and Morgania makes it so easy! With bold colors, textures, and designs that catch your eye but can still be incorporated into your everyday wardrobe, there’s truly something for everyone. Not only am I proud of what Morgania is, but I’m also so excited to see what it becomes in the coming years.”

Josephine- model (Instagram- @lo_frequency_)
“It was a dream to be a part of Morgania’s first project. I have enjoyed building my wardrobe from second-hand shops, but Morgania designer, Morgan Widmer, takes it to the next level. Her designs, made from deadstock fabric, merge sustainability, funky textures, masculine and feminine silhouettes, without any of the rules, hence “Dessert Before Dinner .” I was honored to wear one-of-a-kind pieces, meet other West Virginia creatives, and bring Morgan’s vision to life. I cannot wait to see what is to come for Morgania! In the meantime, I’m taking a note from Morgan and using avocado scraps to dye my curtains! Hello, natural dyes and a cost-effective decor update!”

Others from the shoot if you want to check them out:
Victoria- model + set design (Instagram- @victoriastarsinic)
Nicole- model (Instagram- @nicole.andino)
Symone- model (Instagram- @anditssymone)
Alycia- makeup artist (Instagram- @amurrel.l)